Storage Jars

Jugs & Jars - 02adjustedJugs & Jars - 04adjustedThese storage jars are made from cone 6 Electric Brown clay and vary in size from 1.5 lbs. to 3 lbs. of clay. After viewing the video by Simon Leach ( about how to throw these, I kept practicing, and here they are. As you can see, the lids sit at various heights. I need to keep practicing to make the gallery ledges more consistant. The lids are surprisingly easy and fun to make. The jar rims and inside lids were waxed before glazing with Light Blue and Bamboo Ash Matte.The smaller two jars were on the lowest (about cone 5) shelf of the kiln while the larger two were on the middle (cone 6) shelf. The glaze colors are better on the larger two, which tells me that I need to place sets on the same shelf and the middle to upper shelves give better color.
The second smallest jar was located next to a peep hole on the bottom shelf, and part of the glaze is really matte. You can see this if you look closely at the bottom left portion of the Bamboo Ash Matte glaze. Note to self: place important items away from the peep hole on the bottom shelf. I didn’t catch the kiln at shut off and was late in closing all the peeps by as much as an hour, which contributed to the loss heat and loss of color maturation on the lowest (coolest) shelf.